Saturday, 9 June 2018

18 - and what I have learned for these years

To be honest, when my birthday comes in every year, I always celebrated my birthday with my family, and we will only have KFC instead of a birthday cake. (I celebrated my birthday with my friends only twice in my life and that moment were a birthday surprise they did for me - I appreciated it, seriously)

Some of you might think that why I celebrate my birthday with no cake? It's because, I prefer more to fried chicken instead of sweets. Come on, who doesn't love fried chicken, right? I started celebrate my birthday without any cakes or even cupcakes since I was in form 1, and seriously I don't mind at all. To me, if someone remembers my birth date, then it's just enough for me. I won't ask more than that because when someone remembers your special date, that means you're special to them, am I right?

I've turned 18 just a few weeks ago and I know this post is kind of late, but I'm so sorry I haven't updated it just because I was so busy with my school stuffs and everything. Throughout the year, I can relate that I've learned so many things in my life.

#1 - You're the one who will buy the present for your own self.
When you're already grown up, you know how it feels when you want to ask somebody for something as a present for you, even to your family. I already taught myself, if I want anything that are UNNECESSARY (your personal things like makeup, skincare, junk foods and etc), never ask your parents to buy it for you. I'll always save my money at least RM3 per day and at the end of the month, I would treat myself with anything I like with the money I collected. Simple.

#2 - You'll be surrounded by a small circle of friends.
You'll start to have a very small circle of friends because you have to split up with your friends and everyone will be having their own life once we're grown up. I remembered I did lose my friend back then, because PEOPLE CHANGE. To be very honest, I do mind losing her because we always talking on the phone until midnight and always have a girly chit-chat but suddenly some things happen, and yeah... That thing happened a long time ago and maybe there's a blessing in disguise why this thing happened to me and my friend. By the way, I suddenly remember this quote from Aida Azlin, where she read on somewhere and it really hit me...

"If you're not losing friends, then you're not really growing up." - Aida Azlin

#3 - The only person who will change you is you.
People can't change you except your own self. Everything might take some time to change every single thing in your life, but if you keep on trying to change yourself, you'll get the result one day.

#4 - Don't make any decision by the emotions.
I know, sometimes people always let their emotions control them including me. I always let my anger controls my decision and then I regret why I did that. That's why, we need to be calm and think first before speak or making any decision in your life or soon, you'll regret it later.

#5 - If you're confused, sad, disappointed, or even happy, don't tell anyone except Him.
I remembered that something just hit me really hard a month ago and I really can't tell anyone what I feel that time. I cried really hard in my prayer because that was a very hard moment I had in my life - TWICE. I know, sometimes we need someone to hear out our feelings to calm ourselves, and we need some advice from someone. But, Allah won't test you beyond your capabilities, no matter how hard your test is, tell and express to Him everything because He is the best listener.

I learned 5 things in my life, and I hope I can still continue my life and learn more lessons. So, what about you guys? What are the things you've learned in your life?


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    1. Belanja pakai duit sendiri lagi puas actually hahaha.

  2. Happy belated birthday :)