Friday, 8 June 2018

Skincare haul

Hi everyone. Last week, I did buy something at Guardian and Watsons for my skincare products. I've been running out my previous cleanser (which is Cetaphil) so I need a new one. I've been using cetaphil for almost 6 months and you can tell how stingy I am in using my own cleanser.

We are going to start with the things that I bought at Watsons first. I didn't buy a lot, just a few things. The first item I grab was Good Virtues Co Black Seed Oil Brightening Toner. If you guys have read my previous post, I did mention that I didn't have any other toner except for Aloe Vera Fresh Mist only. So, I bought another one as a backup - or maybe I'll use it as a night routine instead. The reason why I picked this was because the price is affordable for 100ml per bottle. As you guys know, the packaging from Good Virtues Co. is sooo beautiful. I can't resist how tempting the packaging is, that's why I bought it.

The last product I bought from Watsons was Senka Perfect White Clay. I also did mention that I always switch my skincare product to another once the product is finish. I chose that cleanser because I thought that was the only cheap product below than RM6 for 40g per tube. I change my Cetaphil to Senka Perfect White Clay not because that product isn't good to my skin, but I have seen the reviews on this product and many of them said that the product is quite good.

The only thing I bought from Guardian was sheet face masks. I just can't live without buying any sheet mask whenever I go to the drugstore. I bought Jeju Aloe Vera, Jeju Green Tea, Jeju Seaweed Face from Guardian's brand and it has (I'm not sure how many percents) discounts from RM6.50 to RM2.48. So, I got 6 sheet masks and I'm beyond happy!

Just to make a clarification that I bought all the items on last week, so I don't know whether the products are still on discounts or not, but if you want to know more, you can just go to their websites Watsons and Guardian or maybe you can go to their stores. #thisisnotsponsoredIswear


  1. Sekarang ni ramai orang galak beli skincare products especially when Guardian dengan Watsons buat sale.

    1. Yes, exactly. Sebab, bila sale automatik harga rendah dan pelanggan dapat beli barang melebihi satu barang. Orang/pelanggan akan beli barang2 murah instead of barang mahal, kan? :)