Friday, 3 June 2016

Parcel has arrived!


I'm a lil bit excited today since my parcel has arrived at my home. My parcel actually has arrived quite a long time ago, but I didn't have any chance to updated it and post it on my blog because of my school, exams and everything. But that's not my point. So let's have a look what I got all the way from Zalora!

Oh oh, just because I'm too excited, I forgot to order another things and I'm so disappointed with myself. That's the reason why I don't even like to being happy too much because I know, at the end something will came up and it will changed everything. Unlucky me, I can't order that things for the second times. I got RM50 coupon for free, and I still have a lot of baki to buy something else. I need to move on, it has been 2 months ago. K, move on.

I only got 2 things, but I really grateful what I have. It is better than I didn't get anything. At first, I'm looking for the shoes and I really thought that I need to pay for the postage too! Then I think, why not I buy something for stuffs instead of shoes? But seriously, I have no idea what to buy since I only got RM50 only. RM50 is a lot, what made me feel like RM50 is not enough was because when I have a lot of stuffs to buy and I need to choose which one.

But that's okay. I got 2 things which I ordered and it is a Boyfriend watch and also a sunglasses. So, I think I need to show you guys a pic of my watch and sunglasses since I can't really find the real pic of my items from Zalora.

Even though I have received this items for a long time ago (it is just 2 months by the way) but still, I didn't wear it just because sayang nak pakai. My father told me that he wanted that sunglasses but, yeah it is hard for me to give an items for someone when I got it for free. Anddd since I don't even wear any sunglasses on me, so why not just give it to my father one find day (Yeah, I still want to keep it, just for collection maybe?) Lol, that's all for today. Sorry for the late updated, adios amigos.


  1. it has been ages since I was buying from zalora.

    1. lol, you should buy something from zalora now :)