Saturday, 18 February 2017

I Miss Myself

I'm finally back after a long time of hiatus. For your information, I always opened my blog, like often, but I just cannot update something or even post something on this blog. I do have time, I just don't have any idea what to talk about.

Seriously, maybe I should learn something on how to keep blogging, or how to get an idea to post something or maybe I should learn on how to always updating my blog. I guess I'm lacking of blogging issues nowadays, so that's why I kept procrastinate myself by updating my blog.

To be honest, my ideas would have come out at certain time. I do have a topic what to write, I just don't know how to elaborate it well. Usually when I have a topic or title what to post, I will write it in my journals first. Then I will write it on my blog. That's my expectation but then I didn't write anything at all.

If I can show you how many drafts I have, I would show it no doubt. I can tell that, there's no contens in each post except for the title. Lol. I wish I can change myself and be more 'rajin' to updated my blog. This year would be a hiatus year for me since I'm sitting for my SPM, my biggest examination. And I hope I can manage my time for school stuffs, and also for my social media lifes. Lol.

Let's beat my small problems together. Ehhhhhh.


  1. Same goes to me sometimes. But lately I always updating about my travel. So there are the topic and I can elaborate it well based on my experience =)

    1. well, it would be hard at first since I rarely updating my blog lol

  2. all the best utk spm tahun ni :)