Saturday, 16 February 2019

Review : Moist Diane Botanical Moist

In case you didn't know, I actually had trouble to signed in my account for almost nine months. This is not an excuse for not updating anything, this is a real story *lol*.

It was on July, I tried so many times to signed in my google account and Google sent me a verification code for me to sign in but I couldn't log in into my yahoo account (yeahhh i used yahoo instead of gmail - old school enough huh?). It's not because I don't remember my own password account, it was because yahoo can't recognize my yahoo account or more like... I haven't signed up for that email?

I don't know why I didn't think earlier that I should sign up using that email since that email can't be recognized. Alhamdulillah, after nine months I finally can log in my blogger account (all thanks to my own stupidity for not think that solution earlier).

Let's get back to our main topic for today.

I actually have tried Moist Diane product in 2017 but I started wearing it on last year and bought them just because the packaging is quite nice *can't resist how simple yet elegant the packaging is*. I would never make a review if the product isn't that good, but in this case, I just have to! The first time I attempted the product, I'm so satisfied how it worked!

Moist Diane Botanical Moist Shampoo - Unlike the other normal shampoos, this one have done a very good job. You can feel how it moisturizes your hair right after you rinse your hair. My hair is actually a dry hair, and this one emphasize for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. For those who have the same problem as mine, I think this will be the best type of shampoo you need to try.

Moist Diane Botanical Moist Treatment - I would say that... I'm falling in love with this product for the very first time I tried it. This one works like a hair mask because it can shape up imbalances of your hair. You'll feel how soft and moist your hair is. One thing that I like this product is, I don't have to use much amount of it because a little amount is just enough, it'll spread to your hair evenly. 

If you want to try, you can definitely buy the small one first just like mine. The price is affordable and it's a budget friendly kinda product because it's under RM12 (for the travel size and it comes with shampoo and the hair treatment) and I just love how it works on me very well. This product is available in Watsons Malaysia.

Go grab yours now!


  1. woaaa that's a long time... but welcome back. I like the word botanical. it somehow sounds really convincing to me.

    1. thank you! ikr, somehow I feel like the word of botanical sounds unique lol

  2. So sorry to hear about your predicament trying to log in.
    Yeah, thankfully blogger can use both your gmail and yahoo account, so.. welcome back haha
    Anyway, about Moist Diane, I think I saw my aunt use one of these. Nanti I will try tanya dia how was it because my hair agak susah nak terima product baru, yang currently use ni pun mahal sikit. Kalau ada cheaper alternatives, that would be ncie.

    1. it took a couple of month for me to notice that blogger can use both gmail and yahoo, lol. As for me, I think hair product from loreal paris definitely cheaper than this one and it works well too. It's okay, if that product suits your hair, you should stick with it :)

  3. teelalu kat sini pulak. Baca sat, follow yek. ^^

    Nak jugak try Moist Diane ni. ^^

  4. Welcome back, dear :)

  5. singgah sini