Sunday, 18 October 2015

Reason Why You Should Think First Before Speak.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Since I've done edited my blog, so I decided to make a new entries since I don't have nothing to do and I really bored when pt3 is over because I really don't know what to do. Ahah. This post might be too boring to you guys plus there's no pictures in it. I don't any have idea to put what pictures in this post. And this post might be hambar too ceit. So now, let's discuss why we should think first before we use our mouth to speak.

1. If you doesn't use your mouth with full of care, it will ruin everything.
-Okay, this is because when you speak without think, main keluar aje dari dalam mulut ikut hati, it will ruin everything and it become worst plus when you're in a difficult situation. You really need to use your brain and think first before you want to say anything.

2. Someone will hurt.
-When you say something using a harsh words, I'm pretty sure someone will hurt. Things will become worst. You may not know what will they feel, what they're thinking about you, but when you're in their shoes, you will know how it feels. So, beware. What you give, you'll get back.

3. People will think that you're a bad person.
-Trust me, when you use a bad words, people will start to think that you're not a good person, you're bad. And people will don't like you just because you don't use your mouth carefully. I know that, mulut orang tak boleh nak tutup, but it doesn't mean that you can use your mouth just like that without thinking.

4. People will not trust you anymore.
-When you speak, it doesn't mean you only use a harsh words or something, tapi menipu pun termasuk jugak and you really should use your brain. Plus, menipu dosa kan? You're big now, you can think, you can know what is good and bad because you dah besar. Kau dah boleh fikir jauh, dah boleh fikir apa yang akan terjadi if you're lying. People will not trust you, so think wisely guysss.

It's just not an advice, but it's a reminder too for not being such a childish just because you don't use your brain before speak, you don't think wisely before you speak. Of course, this reminder is for me too since I'm type of person yang tak reti-reti nak pikir bila nak bercakap. Cakap pun main lepas, jujur ikhlas dari hati without think others punya hati dan perasaan. Well, that's me. I admit it.

So people, when you rasa tak puas hati ke, sakit hati ke, kalau nak bercakap tu you really have to think. Don't use a bad words even you're hurt to someone and you want to lepaskan dendam. A BIG NO.

And yeah, I don't have nothing to say for now, so... haaaaa bye lah bye. I really can't think. Kehkeh.

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