Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Skincare routine | Night routine

I always pampered my skin at night before I go to sleep. I will usually do everything before I go to sleep because when you are sleeping, the products will absorb to your skin. Plus, whenever I have pimples on my skin, I would put acne cream on my pimples before I went to sleep. I won't wear on the day if I have to go to somewhere - and I'm quite lazy to put my skincare on the day too.

But, it's totally different when it comes at night. No matter how lazy I am, I will make sure that I must put something on my face, if not, I will have breakouts on the next day. (Not really breakouts, just one or two small pimple on my cheeks) Anyway, let's see what product I've been using for these two months!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - Bought this cleanser just because a lot of people said that this product does a very good job. I didn't regret bought this anyway, even though I used all of my savings just because it works on my skin as well. My skin feels so soft and moisturize after I use this cleanser.

Blackheads is super annoying so I need to put my New Blackheads that I got from Mr.Diy. I know, a lot of people will say that cheap product is not good for our skin. But, I have tried it and it really does a very good job for my blackheads. After I remove the mask from my nose, I will quickly rinse it and wash my face with Himalaya Apricot Scrub. I need to rinse off all the dead skin on my face by using the scrub.

Toner and moisturizer is very crucial things we need in our skincare routine. In my case, I use two different of toner and moisturizer. I will use Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid (I'm not really sure whether the link given is true or not, because the packaging has changed) when I really have a dry skin on that day. I love the toner just because the texture is like a lotion and it makes my skin super moisturize.

If my skin doesn't really dries out on that night, I would use O-nature Aloe Vera Fresh Mist and Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. I bought these soothing gel and fresh mist from Go Shop a year ago, and I still have another three huge tubes of aloe vera soothing gel for 300ml each. This aloe vera soothing gel really can help my skin to get rid of the sunburnt that I had on my face. I use aloe vera fresh mist as a toner just because I don't have any other toner except the hada labo one. I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys have tried the aloe vera soothing gel from any other brands, am I right?

Once a week I will put on my under eye sheet mask from Guardian Bye Bye Panda Eyes Mask after I apply my toner. My dark circle is getting bad day by day because I always sleep late at night and that's the reason why under eye sheet mask is very important thing I need to use before I go to sleep.

I already talked about SEP Green Tea Sheet Mask on my previous post. I only need to wait for 15 minutes before I apply my moisturizer on my face.

I will definitely use Aiken Tea Tree Oil Pimple Cream when I have pimples around my face after I apply my moisturizer. I will put a thin layer on the pimples that I had. However, I don't usually use this, because it can dries out my pimples. I still use this just because it can reduce and shrink my pimple and I would put the aloe vera soothing gel on the next day right after I washed my face.

I don't have a flawless skin, but I'm still working on it even though I have used a lot of my savings just to buy the products. We need to sacrifice our money just to have a perfect skin. I'm quite lucky because I didn't have a sensitive skin, so I can change the product whenever I like to. (I like it more that way, I don't know why)

What product you always use to pamper your skin at night?


  1. wowww nice sharing :D
    i used mario badescu drying lotion for my acne and mario badescu vit c serum for uneven skin tone due to my combination skin.. :D so far they did well on my skin :D
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    1. Mario Badescu is good too, I wanted to try it before but the price is just too expensive, however, I'll definitely try it later. Thank you for following :)

  2. same here, akak used mario badescu but the facial spray one. really worth my money even a bit pricey. my face getting better and glowing then :)

    1. good to hear that the product works well on you :)

  3. no wonder the owner of this blog so pweettttyyy <3

  4. wow. thanks for sharing adik manis :D