Tuesday, 24 April 2018

10 Things I do when I am at home

I know it has been a long time I didn't write anything on this blog. Whenever I made a comeback (not that kind of a kpop album comeback, lol), I would apologize, then I would make the same mistake again.

However, here are the reasons why I always extend my post year by year.

  1. I don't have any laptop. My brother's laptop was suddenly damaged. But I finally can update my blog by using his laptop.
  2. Lack of idea. Lol, I do have the MAIN TITLE of what I want to write, but I can't elaborate it well. So, I decided to watch my dramas instead of updating my blog.

I write something on this blog, for the first time in 2018. To be honest, I'm quite nervous and awkward too. I didn't write anything for a long time, I'm afraid if my post will be boring and no one would read it. But, HELLO! Who cares? As long as I do publish my post, then I guess it is okay.

After I finish with my SPM, I decided to publish this post (please refer to the main title) but you know, I just can't. Oh yeah, I did searching for a job, but I still haven't received any calls from the shops I asked for a job. So, from December 2017 until now, I still didn't have any job and I only stay at home.

So here are the things I do when I'm at home. Nothing special of course, because my life is so boring and it happen the same thing everyday.

#1. Listen to some music.
I believe everyone did this since music is the only thing that can release our tensions (especially when it comes to high note songs - it really can release my tension while screaming to it, lol) As you guys know, I'm a kpopper, of course I would listen to korean songs. And not to forget, I listen to japanese, chinese, thailand songs too - and any kind of genres. It depends, if that songs are catchy, I would like it.

#2. Study.
Okay, I know I shouldn't have studied anything since I don't have any examination to take to. But, I just realized right after I watched some of the videos on youtube, which one of my favourite vlogger did a couple of video about languages. From that videos, I get inspired and started to learn some languages. Learning languages is quite hard for me. I need to work hard and put more efforts into it. I'm a forgetful person, so I need to revise what I have learned, EVERYTIME. Fuh.

#3. Watch dramas & movies.
I started to watch romance drama and movie since I was in form 1. But at that time, I was kinda obsessed to korean drama more than any asian dramas or movies. Right now, I would prefer more to japanese dramas or movies more than korean. I watch any kind of genre and any asian dramas and movies, just to let you know.

#4. Decorate my journal, travelers notebook and more (zine & quote notebook)
Once I start to getting bored with watching a lot of drama and movie, I would do this kind of thing where I decorate my travelers notebook, zine, quote notebook and more - you name it. I'm type of person who will do anything to decorate my own book just to make it more prettier. Usually, people will use their travelers notebook when they're on traveling - they would write something about the places they go in their book. But, in my case, I write about the places I really want to go, especially to Japan. I've never been there, so I write everything about Japan - their culture, their halal food restaurant and more. (Just in case if I have the opportunity to go there, I can easily refer to that book)

#5. I would cook & bake something.
I do cook at home, if I want to. To be honest, I usually will cook at home when I really want to eat something especially when it comes to baking. I do love cooking and baking, but as I said, it only happens when I'm on my mood to cook something that I really want to eat. If you're asking me why - my parents always cook for me instead of me cooking something for them. I need to tell them earlier if I want to cook, if not, they will probably cook for my family. (Yes, my father cooks too)

#6. Watch Youtube videos.
You know what, watching my favourite vloggers on youtube really can make my day. I have nothing much to do at home, so whenever I start to getting bored watching a lot of dramas, I would watch videos instead.

#7. Do the house chores.
Well, sometimes. Ehem, sometimes. But, I always wash the toilet and bathroom because I like it when my bathroom more clean and hygiene. Lol.

#8. Doing hair treatment/facial at home.
You can't tell how many facials I do when I have nothing to do at home. I don't usually do it when I have things to do. I would do it whenever I feel like I really want to do - well, I'm quite lazy actually.

#9. Play with my cats.
Play with cats is interesting thing to do too. When I have a very bad day, and moody too, I would play with them. No matter how bad my day is, they can lighten up my mood. I'm so grateful to have cats at my home, if not, I can't express my feelings to anyone. Talking to your own cats really can release your bad feelings. Whenever I talk to them, they won't talk or change the topic and will listens to me word by word. I know it's kind of weird for talking to the animals, but who cares. As long as I have 'someone' to talk to, and the most important thing is, cats won't change the topic.

#10. Read a novel.
Whenever Pesta Buku Antarabangsa comes up every year, I always went to the book fair just to buy new books, even though I didn't read them at all. I have lots of books in my room that I bought every year, and right now is the best time to finish them all. And for your information, I'm not a bookworm person. I'm just having this kind of habit where I always collect my books, but at the end, I left them without read it. I like it when my room is full of books, lol.

I feel like I have so many things I do when I'm at home, but seriously, four months at home I just watched a lot of drama and movie. You can tell how boring my life is. All of my friends are currently doing their own jobs, while me just staying at home and didn't go out frequently - I have no money, of course. But still, I'm okay with my own self who didn't have any part-time job because I can watch a lot of drama and movie even though watching them can't make money at all.